Monday, December 29, 2008

On the Mend & the Move !

My step-daughter, Mary, called this evening concerned because she had read on my blog that my shingles had really gotten me down. Sweet women - she was concerned because she's been through Trigeminal nerve pain and empathizes. Her call made me realize that I haven't updated here for a long time.

So, know that I'm on the mend! I still hurt, but not like I did and it gets better every week. And, in answer to the other question I've been getting asked often - YES, I'm still going to India - shingles be d--med, saber-rattling be da--med. I am going to India and will be there to celebrate my birthday!

For those who check this blog and would like to follow my India adventure with my sister , you can join us at Don't put a period after the www, or you'll end up at some else's blog!

Womankind promotion remains on the back-burner. I am co-editing an anthology of stories gleaned from healthcare providers' experiences working in disaster areas. It fills every spare minute until I leave. My co-editor, Kerry Ann Morris of Kingston, Jamaica will take care of it all while I'm traveling.

So, I'm on the mend and on the move and looking forward to yet another
grand adventure.

Friday, December 12, 2008

WOMANKIND for Christmas

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Don't forget if you'd like signed copies of Womankind mailed to you for Christmas gifts be sure to get your order to me by December 18th!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Chicken Soup Re-Heated

I recently heard from the Chicken Soup folks that three of my stories have been chosen to be included in a new series they are putting out in large print, 'for the older folks.' I can't decide if this is a compliment....or if it's like being offered the 'Senior discount' at Hardy's for my coffee.
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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Teachers Book Club of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

Oh my Goodness! Today I received a photo and note from Jan Schultz of Brooklyn Park, Mn. I was there in October and visited with her Book Club. She has a great group, by the way - all teachers and they meet right after school. Now how practical is that? We had a wonderful discussion, not only of the women of Womankind, but of ALL women of the world. I am so pleased each time that happens as that was my intent of writing those strong, brave women's stories - to shed light on women's lives everywhere!

My facial pain from Shingles continues and, along with it, an increasing loss of zest for life. "Lady Depression has returned for a visit and I think she'll be staying a while. "She's brought a lot of baggage with her." * All prayers, positive thoughts, Reiku and other energy will be appreciated.

*Quoted from my dear friend and poet, Rich Hanson

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River Lights 2nd Edition


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