Thursday, February 26, 2009

Nursing in Australia

While sending out 'Calls for Nurses Stories," via the Internet I 'met' the nicest woman - Charmaine Hernadez. Charmaine is originally from the Philippines, now an Australian citizen helping nurses from the Philippines, and other countries, to get their licenses to work in health care.

Charmaine shared with me that many nurses immigrate to the USA to find work, then find challenges obtaining a nursing license or a 'green card' to allow them to work. Not so in Australia. I would like to help Charmaine 'spread the word,' so I'm posting an excerpt from her note to me in hopes that YOU too will help 'spread the word."

From Charmaine - "We want to spread the word out there that you don't have to go to another country and work illegally. Unlike the US education system that governs Intl Students, Australia offers International Students not only their study rights, but LEGAL working rights for them and their dependents to enter the country.Applying for permanent residency and citizenship processing is quicker or less time compared to the US."
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Carpe diem! ~ Nancy

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No Hesitation Here

One huge difference I noted on my recent visit to India when compared to other countries that I've visited is how readily the mothers are to have their children photographed by this white-skinned-granny from across the ocean. I didn't get turned down a single time when I asked for 'one snap please ?' And, they certainly DO have beautiful children!
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Home and Back At It !

India was wonderful - a truly amazing, colorful country full of contradictions. Modern cities - frenetic with activity and then a camel prods down the middle of the highway; women dress to the nines in modern western wear, or gift wrapped in beautiful silk sari's - that amazing 9 yards body drape. My sister and I enjoyed all the sights, sounds and smells we could take in and found we feel especially in love with southern India where the pace is slower, the crowds smaller and smog non-existent. Photos to follow of the lovely Indian women and children. Soon!

River Lights 2nd Edition

River Lights 2nd Edition


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