Sunday, October 26, 2008

High Expectations

It's going to be a busy week! On Wed I'll be the keynote speaker at the Women of Excellence Conference in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The keynote - YIKES! Here's what the brochure says -

"In her book, Harless retains an innocent writers voice. She reveals a facet of her own good will in the light of each story. Even in dire circumstances, Harless finds her own hope at the bottom of the proverbial box of chaos. She provides readers with an orderly, digestible view of the world differences through her lens of tolerance for now and hope for later."

Wow! Like I said....high expectations. I sure hope I don't let them down. Next we're off to Maple Grove, MN for a Book Club discussion on Thurs, and on Saturday I'll be one of the speakers at another women's conference - "Achieving a Healthy Balance" sponsored by the Ridgeview Hospital Foundation in Waconia, Mn. 250 attendees!

But, the best part of the week will be after all the book events are over, when we'll travel back up to Maple Grove, MN to celebrate 'Octoberfest North' with our kids and grandkids. Nov 1sdt
(Dia de Muertes) is also Becky's ( daughter # 3 as Norm numbers them) birthday so we've an extra reason to celebrate this trip! We'll visit and eat and , of course play lots of gmes. I've warned them all that I'm coming with my'game face' on. Like i said - it's going to be a busy week and we all got high expectations!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Women of Unity

We took a road trip to Overland Park, Kansas this weekend to meet with the Women's Group of Unity Church of Overland Park. Turnout for the event was small - perhaps the beautiful sunny day called others outdoors. I know Norm and I were certainly tempted to skip church and go to the park! But, even though the crowd was small, interest in 'Womankidn" and in Casa de Los Angeles was great! I spoke about this wonderful project that provides daycare and so much more for the mothers and children of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Several women expressed interest interest in becoming involved through both volunteering and through financial support. Check this fantastic project out and consider joining us in our support of Note the adorable children of 'Casa' to the right.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ISPAN Conference in Dubuque

I traveled to Dubuque, Iowa last Friday to be the keynote speaker at the ISPAN nursing conference. Fall colors are coming and it was a gorgeous ride along the Mississippi River. An amazing group of 45 bright, enthusiastic perianthesia nurses attended the conference. The theme was 'The World of Perianthesia Nursing. I really learned a lot by attending the all day conference myself, not to mention that I picked up 8 continueing education credits too!

I was the last speaker of the day - a position that I always dread because I know how everyone is anxious to leave for home by then. Sometimes at conferences I've even seen folks sneak out before the last speaker. but not this group! I don't know if they were simply being 'Midwest nice' , or truly interested in hearing the women of Womankind's stories. I'd like to believe the latter. Several spoke with me afterward about finding their own volunteer projects to do in the world. Many purchased their own copy of Womankind - some more than one!

All in all Dubuque was a very good weekend. Now I'm off to Sabula, Iowa this week to meet with a Book Club and to Overland Park, Kansas on Sunday to meet with the Women's Group of Unity Church. They both should be beautiful trips. I wish everyone could see the midwest in the Fall. It's my very favorite time of the year. Glorious!
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