Friday, June 27, 2008

Baby Monk

Baby monk with almond eyes,
Do you miss your mother?
Sent so young, so far away,
called to live with others.

Baby Monk with cherry cheeks
Worn rough by air-thin mountain
Family chosen at age three,
blessed yak butter flowing fountain.

Baby monk in crimson drape,
street begging is your earning.
Sandaled feet trudge ancient streets,
pray wheel clockwise turning.

Baby monk your quiet smile
touches me like no other.
Baby boy with almond eyes,
do you miss your mother?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Off to Minnesota !

We're off to Minnesota this morning....good Lord willing and the creek don't rise. These floods of the Midwest have reeked havoc in everyone's lives. I guess having to take a longer, alternate route to take the grandkids back to Minnesota is small potatoes in the big scheme of things.

We've enjoyed Bradly and Hannah for a week now - potato guns, motorcycle rides, golf and 'goofy golf'. They must have beaten me 100 times at Rummie-Cube. We've canoed and kayaked and they even worked the paddle boat around a friends pond. We've played with clay, painted and made creative things out of paper and wood. We've lazed in hammocks and spent a lot of time laughing at grandpa's silly sayings. There was very little television this week - only one movie and a couple episodes of 'Sponge Bob Square Pants." I am so happy that my grandkids would rather read or play than watch the 'tube!"

So, we're off for 'up North' this morning. I'll be meeting with a Book Club at the Barnes & Noble in Maple Grove on Monday and that is my last book event scheduled for the summer. Whew! Granny is tired and ready for a break. so, it's gardening and reading and writing through July, then off to San Miguel de Allende for the month of August. Ahh, life is good.....

River Lights 2nd Edition

River Lights 2nd Edition


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