Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kind Words on WOMANKIND From a Poetress

“Nurse practitioner Nancy Harless has written a moving collection of short stories, based on her intimate encounters with strong, courageous women around the globe. A skilled, sensitive storyteller, her tales in WOMANKIND transcend cultural, racial and gender boundaries to touch the human heart.” - Marie Delgado Travis, award winning Latino writer and author La Ventana/The Window

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Read what Susan Sanchez-Causal, co-author Chicken Soup for the Latino Soul says about WOMANKIND !

A sparkling debut, Womankind proves to me that sisterhood is possible among women who have little more in common than being women. With the compassionate and lyrical voice of a nurse who has spent years volunteering for medical projects from Belize to Kosovo, Nancy Harless surprises and rewards us with her lively accounts of girls and women who manage to flourish in the midst of poverty, war, and the challenges of living in a man’s world. If you’ve ever wondered if there really is a unique spiritual connection among women, Womankind offers poetic proof in story after story about women who help each other to live rich and abundant lives, who honour nature and spirit, and who move through the rigors of their daily lives with courage, resilience and hope. Equally enlightening is Harless’s insightful introspection about her complicated role as a First World volunteer in countries whose futures are risky at best, and her continuous struggle to reach across the boundaries of nationality and language in the loving gestures of sisterhood. As an orange seller in Belize says to Harless one day: “Life can stretch your soul or tear your spirit.” Thanks to Harless’s inspiring pen, the women of Womankind will make your soul and spirit soar. An eye-opening and inspiring read.

Friday, September 21, 2007

The BZZZzzz over Womankind

Read what Susan Brady, editor of The World Is a Kitchen (Travelers Tales) says -

“Womankind by Nancy Leigh Harless is a deftly woven glimpse into the women of other cultures—how they live, work, and cope, in very difficult situations such as poverty and war. This sensitive, insightful collection showcases the author’s ability to connect to others and her surroundings through understanding and compassion, as well as food and humor, and does so without being judgmental.”

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm officially 'embedded'

Thanks to a wonderful poet and talented computor guru, Marilu Delgado Travis, my photo no longer looks like it's being viewed through a circus mirror. She emailed me an 'embedded' copy of my photo and - VOILA - it worked like magic!

I met Marilu as a co-contributor to "Chicken Soul for the Latino Soul" when we shared a reading in Chicago last year at a Latino Literacy event. Marilu's poetry books are amazing (in both English and Spanish) and available through her on storefront Check it out!

Friday, September 14, 2007

WOMANKIND's Coming October 22 !

I just received word from my publisher, Tate enterprizes, that my book Womankind: Connection & Wisdom Around the World will be released October 22, 2007. It's taken nine months from contract signing to completion- just like a pregnancy. I truly do feel as if I've just given birth. Watch for updates as our plans unfold for the "wild and crazy" tour around the country for WOMANKIND!

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